Lettings Assist

Automate your lettings agency

Lettings Assist automates rental property management for estate agents. It handles everything from assigning properties, carrying out credit checks, calculating rents and sending reminders to tenants. It logs rent money coming in and expenses going out and delivers a financial snapshot for the landlord to access whenever they need it. And because it's web-based software that lives in the 'cloud,' it can be securely accessed on any computer with a web browser or on smartphones with internet access.

A complete set of tools for rental property management

Lettings Assist software automates all the business and management functions of running a multi-landlord property organisation.

You can assign properties to a specific landlord, enter tenants into the system, carry out checks and handle agreements. It calculates rent, logs payments and keeps track of overdue rent, sending out reminders when needed and creating alerts for your staff. It will even create window cards for advertising and includes integration with Rightmove.

Landlords can log into the system and receive an instant financial snap-shot, with information on rental payments as well as expenses.

The software also handles property maintenance. Jobs can be logged in the system, allocated to a tradesman and the payments process automated, all within the browser based interface.

Customised to the way you work

Lettings Assist has been created specifically with extensive input from estate agents. It's designed to work the way estate agents operate. But if you need anything adding, or changing, then customising the software is both easy and affordable. It has been designed as a framework that can be adapted to work the way you want it to work. Tell us your requirements, and leave the rest to us.

Easy to use, easy to access

Lettings Assist is simple to use and effortless to implement. There's no software to install because it's a web-based system that works in the 'cloud', and is accessed through a web browser. There's no capital or hardware investment required and the software can be operated on any computer with internet access. It's also available on mobile devices such as smart phones.

You won't need your own servers, and may be able to get rid of hassle-prone IT kit and instead rely on our resilient and secure cloud-based system.

There's no maintenance needed on your part because the software is hosted and maintained on our super-fast UK servers. Your data is secure and safe - and backed up every 60 minutes, seven days a week.