Etail Assist

A complete ecommerce solution

Etail Assist automates ecommerce for retailers. Escape the paper chase, forget about manual records and doing the same task over and over again. Etail Assist saves you time and money, freeing you to build your business while the software takes care of the chores.

Etail Assist software works with a huge range of ecommerce platforms. It handles everything from taking orders and communicating with suppliers through to integrating with transport companies:

The software is also easy to use, affordable and flexible. It is also powerful enough to transform the way you run your e-commerce operations.

Works the way you do

Etail Assist is not an off-the-shelf product. It's a framework that adapts to the way you work. This means you only pay for the parts you actually need and not for any functionality you won't use. There's also no capital outlay for the software. You pay a simple monthly fee, which counts as a revenue expense. It is far cheaper than off-the-shelf software from major developers, and much more powerful, because it's designed with your business in mind.

Access anywhere and easy to use

Etail Assist is a web-based 'cloud' solution. The software is hosted on our secure servers and can be operated from any internet equipped computer or smart phone. So you can work where you want, when you want, from home, the office and on the road.